Customer testimonials

"You're the man" (Morty Rock, store manager for Vaccaro)

"Many musicians told me that this piano never sounded this good. Amazing" (Bob Kindred from New York City)

"Great job. These pianos are lasting so much longer" (Jim Mair at Kansas City Kansas Community College)

"I love your tuning" (Tamir Hendelman from the Jeff Hamilton Trio at Jazzclub 'Jardines' in Kansas City during one of their tours)

"It sounds like a new piano" (Paul Smith about the old piano at Jardines)

"I love your tunings. Very even and consistent" (Gerald Dunn from 'The Blue Room', Kansas City)

"Beautiful tunings" (Jan Huydts, former Jazz Director at the Hilversum Conservatory, Holland)

"The action feels so much better now" (Bobby Watson, Jazz Director at UMKC about his own piano)

"That sound great" (Dan Thomas, Assistant Jazz Director at UMKC)

"Thank you for tuning those weird notes. Now they are holding" (Tim Whitmer during a Spirituality And All That Jazz performance)

These are just a few examples of people that were very happy with my work. 

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