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 Interesting and fun

One day a call came in with a request to tune a grand piano. So I go ahead and schedule the appointment. It turned out it was a tuning for a spinet made by the 'Grand' brand.

So I get to this house to help a friend move a piano that he had bought. 20 steps off of the front porch and pretty steep. We did it and had a good laugh after we got it down to the sidewalk, glad to be alive.

Try to lift a piano over the bannisters to make the tight corners in the staircase of an apartment building.  Not recommendable.

One day, I was tuning a grand piano for a customer. They were getting ready for a 20th year anniversary. I had to slide out the action to make some adjustment. Inside, I found an engagement ring that had fallen through the fallboard. I showed it to the couple and they broke out in tears. They were so grateful to have it back. It used to belong to his grandmother. The husband had to buy another ring 20 years ago to replace the one that was lost.

One time a piano came into the store. When it was taken out of the box, huge damage had occurred to the soundboard. It turned out that one of the distributors' employees had driven through it with a forklift.

I guess I am the only one in town willing to work on a square grand..... Always like a good challenge. 

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