Types of pianos - Pianos I service

 There are many different brands and types of pianos.

Most common are the grand pianos and vertical pianos. The verticals have four basic sizes. The measurements may vary a little bit depending on manufacturer:

- Spinet 36" - 38"

- Console 40" - 43"

- Studio 45" - 48"

- Upright 50" - 60"

The grand pianos also come in different sizes but they are configured horizontally.

Common sizes are:

- Petite grand 4'5" - 4'10"

- Baby grand 4'11" - 5'6"

- Parlor grand (medium size grand) 5'7" - 6'7"

- Semiconcert 6'9" - 7'6"

- Concert 8'8" - 9'6"

Sometimes a manufacturer will have a size not listed here. Many different variations to the above have been build over the years. This information is intended for you to have an idea as to what you might have.

There are also pianos called 'square grands' that were primarily build in the 19th century.

If you need services done to any of the above listed types of piano, I will be happy to help.

Different brands I have worked on:

Fazioli, Steinway, Baldwin, Bosendorfer, Sauter, Bluthner, Schimmel, Perzina, Bechstein, Pleyel, Erard, Yamaha, Kawai, Grotrian Steinweg, Rosenkrantz, Kimball, Chickering, Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, Ibach, Kaps, Wurlitzer, Petrof, Estonia, August Forster, Kemble, Seiler, Samick, Young Chang, Lester, Gulbransen, Gunther, Rippen, Ivers & Pond, Brambach, Haddorf, Sohmer, Vose & Sons, Story & Clark, Steingraeber & Sohne, Bush & Gerts, Cable, Kohler & Campbell and whatever you may have.

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